Speed Hump Pictures in Rochester, NY.
Stan Main-Producer/Director/DP/Editor
Production Examples


Mike Boas Interview

Scott Fitzgerald Interview

Rochester Movie Maker's Director's Forum Link

By Proxy-RMM Summer Shorts (2011)

Thou Shall Not Steal-RMM Summer Shorts(2010)


The Murder Race from Stan Main
Official Entry in Rochester Movie Makers Shmoovies 2012
RMM Summer Shorts 2011



Rochester Movie Makers Mind2Movie Entry.
Loud and Clear. 

The prop: A Loud Oracle
The Situation: Someone Falls In Love
The Prop: Drugs


Brief Vision
72 Hour Film Competition Winner of Best Editing
Stan as Producer, co-editor, and Director of Photography 

The Prop: Ill Fitting Pants
The Character: A Rude Detective
The Situation: A Relationship Ends

Threads (Canon XL-2) last shoot-miss that camera.
RMM Summer Shorts 2009

Thanksgiving-Final Festival Cut

Death and Taxes short fim noir:
A tax planning meeting that goes terribly wrong.

2010 72 Hour Film Fest Entry in the RMM Mind2Movie competition.
Family Secrets

The Prop: An Old Photograph
The Character: Deshawna from Driving Park, a Crossdresser
The Line of dialogue: "My heart was in my throat and my intestines were my pants."

Drug Dealer Sneak Preview Version
First shoot with new Panasonic HPX300
RMM Summer Shorts 2009


Film Comedy Short from RMM Summer Shorts 2008.

Dawn of the Dead Republicans
Festival Final
Written, Directed and Produced by Stan.

X-Girlfriend Trailer
Two Good Friends, One Dead Girlfriend.

Apple Tree Music Video
Directed and Edited by Stan Main


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